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Aston Martin carbon fibre wrap

Carbon Fibre Car Wrap

If you are looking for a striking new look then opt for a carbon fibre car wrap. Customers who have gone for this type of car wrap are thrilled with the outstanding finish.

We’ve worked really hard to create a carbon fibre car wrap that you can tailor to your own style. This means you can customise the colour and weave size to fit with the image of your perfect car.

The carbon fibre car wrap looks great up close and from afar. It’s a style that is perfect for supercars but a carbon fibre look can give any car a certain feel of speed. We have two types of carbon fibre, gloss or the textured option.

The idea of a carbon fibre wrap is that when you get up close you can see the weave pattern on the bodywork. This gives your car the appearance of being completely carbon fibre, even on a car where you wouldn’t normally have that option.

Because the carbon fibre car wrap is applied as vinyl panels, you could part-wrap your car. This means that you can add an element of high-end design to any part of your car. It might be less extravagant than a full wrap but even small carbon fibre details are a lavish addition to any car.

You could also mix your carbon fibre car wrap with another colour. For example, the entirety of your car could be a beautiful gloss colour while the details, such as wing mirrors, could feature the carbon fibre pattern. This can give your car a top-of-the-range sporty appearance.

A carbon fibre car wrap can really make your car look unique. The wrap can cover up less desirable colours, will protect the original paintwork and transform your car — perhaps from the mundane to something grand that you can really be proud of.

Car wrapping will help to keep your car protected as the paintwork underneath the wrap will be shielded from general wear and tear. If the carbon fibre car wrap becomes damaged then it’s easy for us to replace the affected panel.

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