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Matt black Nissan GTR car wrap

Matt Black Car Wrap

The matt black car wrap is becoming more popular, with people choosing to wrap all types of cars in matt black. There have been a number of new cars on the market in this colour over the last few years and they undeniably command a certain amount of attention.

If you are looking for a matt black wrap for your current vehicle then we offer a great non-permanent solution. This stealth look works on all makes and models of cars, everything from larger 4x4s to compact minis.

A matt black car wrap is a stylish way to update the appearance of your car, while protecting the paintwork underneath from scratches and abrasions. This keeps your car in pristine condition for as long as the car wrap covers it. When the wrap comes off, the paintwork will be as perfect as it was when it went on.

We apply our car wraps as individual vinyl panels; this means you don’t need to get your car re-sprayed to achieve the matt black look. A re-spray might mean you’d be without your car for a while and you’d be left with a very permanent colour change. With a car wrap, once you’re bored of it – or the trend has passed – your car can easily be restored back to its original colour.

Although a matte black car wrap may not be an obvious choice at first glance, it does ooze style and class. The understated appearance is an essential part of the style as the whole look will have people doing a double take. Of course, everyone has seen a black car but few have seen one quite like this, herein lies the charm of a car wrapped in matte black.

Feel free to contact us to get an estimate of the time it will take to complete your matt black car wrap, this depends on the make and model of your car. We pride ourselves on being able to provide an unrivalled service and are happy to give you a free no-obligation quote.

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