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Gold Ferrari signature car wrap
Alan Brazewell Alan Brazewell Founder, Chilled Driving Tuition.

“…our graphics are bright, fresh and clear and the wrap design is adapted to complement the contours of each car in the fleet so that they look professional and stylish. 40% of our new pupil enquiries are as a result of people seeing the wrapped cars, which is incredible.”



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Signature Car Wrap

Although we have a wide range of standard colours for car wrapping in stock, we also provide a customised car wrap service which we call our Signature car wrap collection.

Our Signature Car Wrap collection is the perfect way to really stand out from the crowd. It might be something as simple as a bright colour to match your favourite handbag or shirt, or something really special, such as coloured chrome.

Signature car wraps are applied in exactly the same way as a standard car wrap. This means they are easy to remove or replace in the future. If your car wrap does get damaged, for whatever reason, we can just replace the affected panel. This is one of the many benefits of a car wrap.

Our Signature car wraps are totally unique and only really limited by your imagination.

Coloured chrome is one of the more popular Signature car wraps. It’s one of the more difficult to apply but at Totally Dynamic we have perfected our own technique. Mirrored chrome has been popular for a while now, but devotees of the chrome car wrap look are beginning to realise they can take it to another level with our specially created coloured chrome range which includes shades such as purple, red, bright blue, green and orange.

You might already have some ideas about what would make your perfect signature car wrap. Let us know and we’ll be able to talk through the details and provide you with an accurate estimate.

Perhaps you want to make your car look like a retro motorsport racing model or even cover it in a pattern that’s sure to turn heads. You may even just want to create a special subtle shade that accentuates the sleek lines of your vehicle – whatever your vision, let us know and we’ll help you achieve your goal.

For more information on signature car wraps or to get a free no-obligation estimate and an idea of how long it will take to create your personal masterpiece, please contact us.

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